Right to Work, Living Wage

I oppose the legislative effort to impose a so-called “right to work” in Missouri.  What RTW proponents want to do is make it harder for people to form unions and to bargain collectively. An attack on union families is an attack on all Missouri families.

I support an increase to the state's minimum wage of $7.85. We need to raise the minimum wage incrementally every year.

I support keeping the state's unemployment benefits at 20 weeks, and do not support the current effort to reduce benefits to 13 weeks.

Gun Control

I support a minimum age of 21 for all gun purchases. I support a ban on bump stock devices that alter semi automatic weapons and a ban of extended high capacity magazines.

I support a state ban on the civilian purchase of assault and assault-style weapons. I support a state law allowing St. Louis and St. Louis County to set their own restrictions on the sale of such military-style weapons.

I support an expansion of real-time, universal background checks.


Public Safety

I believe we cannot "police" our way to safety.  Open communication between all our officers and the public served is important.  We need increased economic opportunity, better housing, an increased investment in mental health services and vocational/job training to address some of the root causes of poverty.

I support increased training for police in areas like de-escalation training.  We need to make sure our officers have the proper equipment needed to safely and effectively serve our city.  Outdated equipment, uniforms, patrol cars, and bikes make an already difficult job more difficult.

I support a comprehensive community based approach to policing and a greater emphasis on foot and bike patrols.

I support cooperation between police and community groups to aid in recruitment of additional officers, especially minority officers.

I support a state requirement that public schools conduct active shooter drills and increased funding for mental health professionals to recognize and help troubled students.

I support rehabilitation programs that help people with drug and alcohol addictions, allowing them to break the cycle of addiction, and not simply incarceration.


I support school funding at a level to ensure that every district has enough resources to provide an excellent education and a clean, safe learning environment for student, no matter where they live.

I support higher pay for teachers and fewer diversions of school revenue to economic development projects.

I support a statewide approach to curriculum that prepares most students for successful careers, including investing in community college and vocational training.

I support greater resources for UMSL and Harris Stowe University to develop them into the region's universities of choice for students and for employers.

I support charter schools, in conjunction with strong accountability standards set by the state.


Responsible budget

I support increased funding for transparent audits, making every effort to ensure our tax dollars are well used.

I support higher statewide taxes on tobacco and gasoline on the condition that the new revenues are used to strengthen the health safety net for children, people with disabilities, and seniors, and to encourage the construction of more efficient and accessible public transit, proper maintenance of our roads, bridges and public waterways and the development of ride-sharing technologies.


Healthcare and Families

I support paid family leave of 12 weeks for families of all types, including those who are part of the LGBTQIA community.

I support access to contraception no matter ability to pay for it. I support access to abortion in cases of rape, incest, or health of the mother. I support funding for Planned Parenthood. I believe people should be medically advised by doctors and given a full and complete set of facts about what all of the legal options are. I support age appropriate sexual education that makes sure our students know how to safely avoid pregnancies.

I support a single payer option.

I support the legalization of medical marijuana.

I support protecting the environment, the lack of doing so affects health more than almost any other factor.

I support Medicaid expansion, and finding ways to make these programs more efficient and effective.

I support providing money for drug treatment centers and rehabilitation services for drug addicts. I support more rehabilitative options towards drug addiction.

I believe that discrimination against anyone at any time, regardless of one's sexual orientation or gender identity, is unacceptable and has no place in our society.